By: Anuradha 

We all learn how hard life can be once we start to live on our own without taking help from our parents or anyone. Yeah, it is pretty cool to have our own job, our apartment and our way of life without being criticized by anyone. But that is not easy at all. You will have to worry even about few dollars that you spend for something basic like soap and only then you would realize how easy it was to live with your parents without caring even a bit about how much money was spent on this and that.

Life can get worse when you don’t have enough space to keep all your belongings neat and tide and unless you work for Tony Stark, most of the time you would be worried about lack of space. When you allocate some space for everything, your apartment will look messy and you would seriously consider whether to keep certain things or throw them away.

However, here we have some creative and easy ways to make your life much better and we hope that all these things would be useful for you!

1. No more giant mugs for holding up your brushes. (Image Credit)

By making small incisions in your bathroom cupboards, you can place your brushes safe and tidy away from germs.

2. A neat way to organize your pieces of jewelry. (Image Credit)

You can use a medicine cabinet to hand your necklaces and earrings by using pins and hoops.

3. Here is a budget-friendly knife holder. (Image Credit)

A bamboo stick filled in a jar would be ideal if you don’t want to spend too much for glass or marble knife holders.

4. A stack of hangers for more room in the closet. (Image Credit)

By inserting the tab or soda cans on the hangers you can create a line of hangers!

5. Nail the metal jar covers on top of the cupboards. (Image Credit)

You can save up double space by using this trick.

6. Install magnet plates on the top deck of the fridge. (Image Credit)

All the metal cans can easily be fixed up top for more freezing room.

7. Paste Velcro Tape on the walls to keep your controllers safe. (Image Credit)

This can be used as a design as well as it would make your life much easier.

8. Magnet strap to keep your bobby pins in place. (Image Credit)

Now you need not to buy bobby pins over and over again.

9. A carabiner to hold your rubber bands. (Image Credit)

Now you might not lose them easily.

10. These metal hooks can be used in various ways. (Image Credit)

The best would be to hang your camisoles on them.

11. Install PVC pipes in your garage for your metal tools. (Image Credit)

Now your tools would not fall over all the time.

12. The sticky hooks can be literally used in numerous ways. (Image Credit)

To hold up your kitchen tools and for many more things.

13. You can insert CD racks in your kitchen cabinets. (Image Credit)

This would be the best way to organize your plastic containers properly.

14. Plastic pouches to keep your bathroom supplies in place. (Image Credit)

You can use this for makeup and shoes as well.

15. You can use chicken wire for a cool jewelry collection. (Image Credit)

Place them in a net frame and here you have a great display!

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