By. Ran

Trekking is not for everyone. Conquering an alien land that poses multiple hardships is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus trekking requires a lot of things including physical strength and determination. And even if you have both the physical strength and the determination it takes, there are some more things that are absolutely essential for trekking. Trekking equipment, for example, are vital in terms of finishing your trek successfully and safely.

However, all these applies for us mortals. There are some people, perhaps the most suitable term may be ‘superheroes’, and they do not even need equipment for trekking.

Recently, a video of a monk climbing a steep hill went viral on social media. It seems that this monk is a superhero who does not need any equipment that regular trekkers require. In fact, the clip was recorded by a hiker who was all geared up to climb the steep mountain with his equipment in place. And there the monk was, right next to him, effortlessly climbing up the hill! And to make things even more interesting, the monk was climbing the steep mountain barefoot!

Maybe we all should have taken the gym class a little more seriously, right?

The video of the monk climbing the mountain with no equipment was shared on Twitter with the caption ‘My first day in San Francisco.’ It is no wonder that it left people absolutely amazed and shocked. The video went viral on the micro-blogging website as soon as it was posted and Netizens were absolutely thrilled to see the monk’s hill-climbing capabilities.

And here is the amazing video of the superhero climbing the mountain, using his superpowers.

Twitterati, seeing the wonder the video, couldn’t help themselves and expressed how surprised and in awe they were. And this is what they said.

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