By: Shihaan

Chances that you have heard this phrase before is very high but it’s a known fact that you eat with your eyes first. On the other hand, if you happen to be a parent you might definitely want your kids to appreciate the real beauty of food. When it comes to preparing food there are many ways. If you consider creating food as art there are many ways to ensure that your needs are fulfilled. Well, if you are still lost and looking into a way to beautiful create and present food you have come to the right place. Below, will take you through a few designs which could be carried out and implemented into your daily routines.

Image Credit: leesamantha

1. Not exactly sure what these creatures are made of, but they look absolutely delicious.

2. I bet it takes longer to decorate these food rather than the time spent to prepare it.

3. King kong being absolutely cute and all.

4. The only way you can convince your kid to have a balanced meal.

5. This makes me absolutely hungry. Never have I ever seen food looking as cute as this.

6. It’s the truth, when they say mom knows best.

7. Mom mom doesn’t even cut the crusts off the sandwich she made me.

8. Whoever is having this, would feel like a king.

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