By: Anuradha

“The lion does not turn around when the small dogs bark” -African proverb-

Perhaps you might have faced experiences where people complain you for being too rude. They might have told you that your personality is too intimidating and that you have a very strong attitude about society and life. But, do you know that is a positive sign to have an intimidating personality?

Having a strong view point about society means you are someone who is really special. Your current personality must be a result of the hard and the tough experiences that you have gone through in the past. You are an independent and a strong individual there can be only few things that can break down your rebellious soul. People can perhaps blame yourself, but you should not be worried about who you are. You are unique and special. You might not be soft to people, but you are trustworthy and you have a positive self. People who are termed as intimidating are actually kind in nature and have a big heart.

We found some common traits of intimidating personalities which we found to be really interesting.

1. They prefer long, fruitful talks.

These people who are having strong personalities do not prefer to waste their time by small, petty talks. Theses sort of talks often annoy them and they prefer to engage in long, meaningful conversations. When intellect is combined with seriousness, it is the ideal aroma for these people and therefore, they find small talks annoying.

2. Ignorance is not tolerated.

People who are having these types of personalities are hard to be fooled and they are wise and learned. Therefore, they do not like to be ignored or wronged. They are always open-minded and expect others to be so as well. So, most of the times they would lose patience with the ones who are trying to fool them.

3. They see more opportunities than others.

As these people are open- minded, they see more opportunities than others. They strive for success and they often win the battle because of their far-sightness. They see more opportunities than other people and therefore, they subject to animosity and jealousy from other people as well.

4. Your focus is solution and not problem.

These sorts of people have faced hardships in their lives and therefore, they always try to see solutions and not problems. They are strong-willed and know how to get their things done. So, naturally they do not like the people who can’t manage their own stuffs and are complaining all the time.

5. People of their own word.

These people do not like to see liars around them as they are so honest. These are the people of one word and they expect people around them to be like that as well. So, they are too much selective when it comes to, with whom they are living. They tell people what exactly they think and this character trait can be defined as being rude by some.

So, if you or someone that you know have these character traits, do not judge them as being rude. They are not at all cruel in heart and its only that they can’t restrain anger and frustration.

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