As soon as we hear the term “grasshopper”, the image that pops into our head is that of a green-colored insect. If someone were to say that a grasshopper is pink, you most probably would deny that. So, today we are here to change your perception forever. A photographer named Roeselien Raimond was able to discover a pink grasshopper and imagine the surprise.

Apparently this is a very rare phenomenon and one has to possess a great amount of luck in order to witness such a rare sighting. Very little information is available with regard to pink grasshoppers and their behavior. However, it is evident that the reason behind the color deviation of the creature is a lack of the black pigment named eumelanin and the excessive production of the red pigment named phaeomelanin.

This phenomenon is termed erythrism and its characteristics include unusual reddish discoloration of hair, fur, feathers, skin, or eggshells. Even the red hair and red freckles observable among humans are considered to be a form of erythrism. According to some theories, the gene for the pink color is dominant among locusts. However, it is clear that they do not reach maturity due to the vulnerability that follows their pink hue. Being pink-colored in a group dominated by green-colored members also offers no advantage.

Another theory expresses that the pink gene is recessive. If the two parents possess a latent pink gene, then they are able to produce a pink baby grasshopper. In an instance where the pink grasshopper is in a field of pink flowers, it would allow the creature to camouflage, thus giving it an advantage over its fellow green members. How would you feel if you encountered a pink grasshopper? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

1. I dare you to spot me if you can.

2. Now what might this unique creature be?

3. Pink is the new green.

4. As pink as cotton candy.

5. Rocking in pink.

6. Clinging on to my dear life like.

Image Credit & More Info; roeselienraimond/Instagram | Facebook |

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