By. Anuradha

I forgive you. I am not going to judge what you did but I think time will show you the results of all what you did to me. You hurt me a lot but I am not going to hate you or have any grudge with you. one day, you will understand the truth. You will see all that you have done is not correct. 

I am sorry for you. I know you will never get to experience true love. Maybe you will experience that in pieces but you will never experience that fully. You will always be afraid to experience anything fully and therefore, I am sure for you.

I am fine. Yeah, it was not easy to take that decision to leave you but I am glad that I did. You never loved me in the way I wished and I know you won’t feel much about my absence either. But I feel so great after leaving you. I am treating myself in the way I truly deserve. I am letting myself experience new opportunities and I am truly fine now.

I was broken, but I am fine now. Yeah, you might have tried to give me a good time but that cannot be compared with the love and commitment I showed for you. You left enough scars on my heart but I know they will heal and I know I will be fine.

I don’t blame you. you might even have had bad experiences. You might have a rough past. But, you should have let me go before damaging me. You should have been honest with me and things would have been much different then.

I forgive you for everything. You are not wrong for each and everything either. I tried to make you happy and give you a good time. But we are just so different and I felt this won’t work out between us. I just couldn’t fight alone and I think this is the best for us.

I love you. but I love myself too. We had some nice memories and a good time. I don’t regret that. I leaned my lesson and I think I said goodbye in the high time.

I will be there for you whenever you need. But our chapter is over in my life. Now I am ready to move on.  

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