By. Anuradha

You might be quite fed up with all the things you daily encounter. Your workplace might suck, your home might suck and finally, when you turn into your partner, he might not be comforting either. We all daily get exhausted from dealing with people who don’t match our expectations. You might have had so many hopes about the life that you are going to have with your partner. But day by day, all your expectations might have been questioned and destroyed by him and now you might be frustrated with everything. You always wanted something more, something that will make you feel loved and appreciated.

You deserve to be with someone who puts his effort on you. your partner should be willing to text you good morning, every day of your life. He should be willing not only to share the bed with you but your whole life. all your miseries and happiness should be his concern too and there should never be any secret between you. He should be someone who is willing to do sacrifices for you and tries his best to make you happy.

He should be someone who wants you in your life. he should be happy to have you in his life and love you for who you are. If your endless chattering and constant care seem to be a nuisance in his eyes, then he is not the one for you. You truly deserve someone who puts you first. Someone who is bothered about your feelings and worried about your happiness. 

He should be someone who never fails to send you a ‘Good morning’ text. It might be something trifle but that text means that he does care about you in the first thing in his mornings and you are a great part of his life. If he truly loves you, he will do anything for you and even though it might sound like a fairy tale, that is the truth after all. Love is the purest thing in the world and try to find someone who will credit its meaning. You would daily meet several people who will try to grab your heart, but offer it to the best person and you are sure to be rewarded.

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