By. Ran

Australian photographer Sean Scott captured something truly amazing. He captured two sharks within a crystal clear wave. And that is not all. He has multiple shots that are absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. In fact, the photographer has an incredible portfolio of gorgeous waves and wildlife.

He spends most of his time with the sea. He mirrors the beauty of the landscape and the living creatures that reside in it. One of his most remarkable pictures was snapped a couple of years ago. The picture depicts two sharks in a wave, showing the incredible power of a wave to envelope any creature, big or small.

Here is the image of two sharks enveloped in a wave and some of his other photos. Scroll down to be mesmerized.

Image Credit & More Info: Sean Scott Photography

#1. This is his most famous picture that depicts two sharks within a crystal clear wave.

#2. Such a cute looking fella he is!

#3. This picture actually shows how gigantic Mother Nature is. 

#4. Such symmetry!

#5. This angle certainly adds depth to the picture.

#6. The abundance of nature.

#7. All I want is to be here right now.

#8. Waves to soothe the soul.

#9. The poser of the ocean.

#10. The blazing sun reflected on the moving waves is one of the best things ever!

#11. These colors are surreal.

#12. A picture that captures a lot!

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