By. Anuradha

Some of the most strange and beautiful friendships are always established between the most unlikely people. For instance, what can a 93-year-old grandma and her 27-year-old grandson do together? They are from different generations, a different way of thinking and more than anything, she is way too old for him and he is way too young for him! But, despite what we think, this granny and her grandson have become the best friends ever and you will love to see what they do together!

Pauline Kana and her grandson Ross Smith are no novices when it comes to mischief. It all started 6 years ago when Ross began filming short videos on Vine during his time in college. For one of his videos, Ross decided to film his grandma blocking a basketball shot and unexpectedly, it went viral on the internet making the duo popular. That was when Ross identified the potential of his badass grandma and decided to become partners-in-crimes.

Since then, they have been uploading hilarious videos and photoshoots and they have over 892k Youtube subscribers, over 2.7 million Instagram and over 9 million Facebook followers. Ross’s creativity along with his granny’s funny work has spread smiles over many faces and people are waiting to see their pictures and videos all over the world! They present all sorts of videos ranging from mini-documentaries about granny’s adventures to her wisdom sharing quotes and it is so lovely to see them thriving in those videos.

So, here we are going to present to you some of their best shots and hope you will love them as much as we do!

Image Credit & More Info: instagram | facebook | youtube

#1. First day to the school.

#2. The chefs!

#3. Merry Christmas!

#4. Ready to cook!

#5. Got him.

#6. The job is done!

#7. Enjoy the Green!

#8. We visit her!

#9. Happy vacation!

#10. The poop in love!

#11. The bunnies!

#12.  Us the warriors!

#13. Us with our pet!

#14. Caught!

#15. Here we come!

#16. Those days!

#17. It wasn’t too heavy!

#18. Who are we?

#19. Ready to capture!

#20. In action!

#21. It’s that time of the year!

#22. Pizza love!

#23. Halloween!

#24. We are farmers.

#25. Hey there!

#26. Don’t ever disturb it!

#27. You wanna fight?

#28. My crazy child!

#29. Celebrate!

We think it’s better to be friends with our grandparents as they are cooler than we think.

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