The deep connection that exists between children and animals has been demonstrated in several instances around the globe. An adorable yet brief bond between a young child and a baby deer has recently gone viral. After spending some time playing in the woods, the little kid returned home with his new companion. When Dominic brought the animal back to his mother, Stephanie Brown, she was shocked. A little vacation to Massanutten Resort in Virginia was in order for the Brown family. On the penultimate day of the trip, as the family was getting ready to head home to Virginia’s Northern Neck, Dominic made the discovery in the bush.

Image Credit & More Info; facebook | stephanieee.orrantia/Instagram

While Stephanie was retrieving items from the fridge, she heard what sounded like footsteps. Surprisingly, her son and the newborn deer were standing side by side, clearly content, when she turned around. For an instant, mom was at a loss for what to do as the boy formed an outdoor friendship with a baby deer.

In no time at all, Stephanie regained her composure and whipped out her phone to take a snapshot of the two of them that she would later share online. Stephanie posted the touching video to Facebook so that everyone may see the tender moment.

In an interview, Brown revealed that she had requested Dominic to lead the deer back into the woods until its mother could locate it. Her statement indicated that she remained fixated on them. like their brief meeting, Dominic decided to honour his new companion by naming him “Flash,” like the superhero. The youngster informed his mother that the deer was all by itself when she inquired about its whereabouts. According to Stephanie, her son wanted to feed it cereal. Stephanie gushed about how adorable it was because Dominic and the baby deer seemed as though they were having a normal, everyday conversation.

The photo has received over 23,000 re-shares since it was shared, making it go viral on social media. Thousands of commenters, all overjoyed to see the cute picture, have flocked to the post.

This is one of the adorable stories I’ve came across so far.

Talking to our Team Stephanie mentioned “It’s lovely but people sometimes get the impression that he was playing outside “by himself” but grandma was loading the car and he was only a few feet away”.

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