Cats aren’t the only thing that people on the internet adore. And they are cats making amusing faces. You probably don’t need me to remind you of the legendary Grumpy Cat and the enormous fluff known as Meow Meow.

This time, though, a fluffy ball from China who appears distressed all the time went viral online. People sometimes ask, “What happened to you?” when they see a floof because of its distinctive facial marks, which give it a mournful appearance.

Last Thursday, the clip was published on Doyuin by a Chinese lady going by the name of Simpson Xin. The video swiftly gained 2 million views. Though she returned to see Moggie, the woman was unable to bring the stray cat home due to her existing pet.
A college student filmed the cat spotting on the streets of Shanghai and shared the movie on Douyin, a Chinese portal similar to TikTok. Everyone adored the unusual-looking cat, which gave the impression that it was always sad because of the black patches over its eyes

Image Credit & More Info; Simpson Xin

The fact that cats are often anthropomorphized is the root of our attraction with these creatures. “The reality is, we can more readily empathise with them if we assume their emotions are comparable to our own.” That’s how a grouchy cat may transform into something endearing, similar to a “grumpy old man.”

This is me after a breakup.

I’m sure although he looks sad, he’s a happy cat most of the time.

His mood is infectious.

If my life had a face.

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