By. Anuradha

We all have heard about narcissists and sometimes you might even have had close relationships with narcissists. It is not easy to deal with them and they can drive you insane. However, we are living in a society where anyone can be a narcissist and therefore, it is always better to have good knowledge about narcissists and how to deal with them. so, here we present you 7 simple methods for dealing with a narcissist and hope these methods would be useful for you!

#1. Like to rush bad ideas.

They would try to rush you into doing things that you are not comfortable with. In each time, you feel like you can’t do something that they are asking, say NO. You can talk with that person and come to a solution where both of you are pleased but if not, simply walk away! A true friend will never demand you to do things that you don’t like!

#2. Do not be afraid to say No.

Narcissists will always use mean tricks to control you. They will find out your worst fears and will use them against you. So, you should be able to face your fears down and stand up for yourself. They will not expect that sort of resistance from you and therefore, that will easily break their spirit.

#3. Let go of your past mistakes.

Narcissists will always bring up your past mistakes to make you feel bad about yourself. They will remember the things that you have done so many years ago and will use them to show how bad you had been. But when this happens, just relax. You are a human and you can do mistakes. The important thing is that you are changed now and don’t feel down because of these. They will be waiting to break your morale.

#4. Stand up for what you feel.

A narcissist will try to control you by telling what you should do, how your future is going to be and they will even tell how exactly you are feeling. But these assumptions can be wrong at most times and do not let them manipulate the way that you think. The only person who knows about you is you and stand up for yourself all the time.

#5. Constant let-downs.

Narcissists will always give promises which will rarely come true. They will give you high expectations and will break them in a matter of seconds. They want you to believe in them and therefore, will try to create a fancy world for you. but next time when they promise something, just keep in your mind that it is not worth to believe that and tell that you will believe them only when it becomes true.

#6. Topic changer.

Narcissists will try to change topics when they are not comfortable with something. They do not like to face any criticisms or accept their faults and therefore, they will do anything to escape from such situations. So, if you need to sort something out tell them directly that you don’t need to talk about anything else and solve the problem at the moment.

#7. Always feel free to say No.

Always, always keep in your mind that you can say NO. don’t be a puppet under their control and always have your agency in the relationship that you are having. Standing on your grounds firmly is the best way to deal with them and use your wits when dealing with these people.

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