By. Thilini

Have you ever heard of an aardwolf? Well, if the answer is no, brace yourself to see the cutest animals ever!

Native to East and Southern Africa, they usually live in underground burrows. And these burrows are not usually dug b themselves. Often, they prefer to inhabit burrows dug and abandoned by other animals. An adult aardwolf is roughly the size of a fox.

They are also monogamous, and they stay with the same creature throughout their lifetime. Scroll down and see how cute they are; we have some more pictures. (Image credits: arkive)

Aardwolf belongs to the family of hyena, and that is why they look a little similar. (Image credits: Unknown)

However, unlike the cousins, aardwolves prefer to munch on termites, much like an aardvark (the word “aard” actually comes from the Dutch word “aarde”, which means earth). (Image credits: Unknown)

They’re shy and nocturnal creatures. However, in the winter, they sleep during the day and feed during the night, thereby preserving their energy. (Image credits: Unknown)

They also have long sticky tongues which they use to lap up thousands of termites. Ain fact, a single aardwolf can eat up to 300,000 termites per night! (Image credits: Ohange Namibia Lodge)

These guys also have mohawks! (Image credits: Cincinnati zoo)

Earlier, scientists though there are solitary animals; however, as it turns out, they are actually family oriented. (Image credits: Animals-Safaris)

Ps; Photo credit goes to all the rightful photographers. We do not own any of these pictures. Please contact us for any means necessary. Thank you. (H/T; boredpanda)

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