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The world is filled with talented souls who display unbelievable skills in various paradigms. Sometimes, the right person only needs a thrown away paper to create magic out of it and that is why we say some people are born with talents. However, even if you don’t have inborn talents, long years of dedication, patience and devotion to a certain task can result in making you an exceptional artist and therefore, if you are passionate about something, throw away all your fears to the wind and embark the journey to pursue your dreams.

We talked about being talented and pursuing our passions because we met an exceptional artist who does wonders not with ordinary materials but with wood! Wood creations require extreme patience and talent as one wrong cutting might even make you throw away the whole wood piece. So, you need to be extremely careful and observant and the end product can be fascinating.

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Peter Demetz from Italy has mastered wood art and some of his latest creations are just incredible. By using left away wood pieces he has given birth to life-like figures from wood and his latest sculpture series can be identified as the epitome of his talents.

These wooden figures display the full beauty of the human body and just like paintings, they appear to be completely live. They almost create an optical illusion image of real humans and you would realize that it is not only because of the taints of wood colour that they are painted with.

The best thing about this project is that these figures were created out of leftover wood parts and hence, we believe that these sculptures would also carry a message to everyone about preserving nature. Trees are capable of giving life to humans and these wood sculptures also symbolically represent the power of trees. So, before adorning your living room with magnificent furniture, think also about the trees that were cut down to create that product. The more we think about nature, the more we get to exist and enjoy the benefits of being a human.

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