By. Ran

#1. Discover yourself. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find yourself, to go on a soul-search. You would have completed your education and began working in your twenties. So, you can savour what life offers you while enjoying yourself; you have the money and the time right now. Cherish every moment. Hang out with your friends. Go on late night road trips. Have slumber parties. Go to the movies. And, above all, go wild, go crazy.  For these moments may never come.

#2. Spend time with your parents. Do it while you can. Later on, you will find a partner and get married and you will have both personal goals and career goals. And by that time, you might find yourself a little too busy. So, make memories while you can. Take care of your parents and spend time with them now.

#3. Embrace your femininity. Do not consider it to be inferior. It is okay to cook and to knit. It is okay to love playing the mom and to take care of your family and friends. It is okay to do all these things, but make sure that you do these for the ones who are worth it, who know what you are doing for them.

#4. You need to understand that money is not everything. Chasing money will not give you long-term happiness. When you are in your 20s you tend to get caught up in the baseless cat races the world so values. You need to see past them and understand that money is only an integral part of life. Money is not life.

#5. Do not succumb to any kind of pressure. Do not rush to get engaged, get married, and start a family. Believe in your own timeline.  Give yourself room to know the real personality without losing yourself by living with your partner.

#6. Be picky. Set your standards and expectations high. Do not date just anybody.  It’s better to be happily single than be in an emotionally draining marriage.

#7. Relationships are not just about going out, flirting and having sex.  There are so many things that come to play when you are in a relationship. Do not settle for anybody till you reach the level of mutual understanding to differentiate between love and lust. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of.

#8. Save money for yourself. Educate yourself on investing and saving. Do not wait for the prince charming to come showering you with money. Always be one step ahead. Save for your own wedding and family plans instead of your parents doing that for you.

#9. Go out and meet a lot of new people. You never know who will be the right person for you. Chances are you might meet the one true love of your life on the way.

#10. When you are choosing a partner make sure that your fundamental values go hand in hand with his. Do not go for good looks or good money.

#11. The 20s is a time where you can easily get carried away with other opinions and advice concerning relationships and career. So always make sure that you only take what you think fits the best. There is nobody better to decide what is good for you other than you.

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