By. Anuradha

It is not easy to let someone go. Especially, if that person means the world to you, the task becomes unbearably painful. however, sometimes in our life, it is important to be strong and let people go rather than keeping them with us.

But the process will take much time and it will not happen overnight. When we love someone, our trust, hopes, and everything is build centered around that person. Our future is intertwined with that one and that person is in there in all our dreams for the future. So, it is only when you realize that you have been betrayed, your hopes have been shattered and that you have been living in a lie, you will finally be able to give up on that person. 

Even when you felt that something is not right in your relationship and your chosen one is not the same person that you loved earlier, you might have comfortably ignored all the red flags. None of us like to face sad truths and what most of us do in such circumstances is taking comfort in a lie. We would have made ourselves feel better by thinking that things would be better after some time. So, ultimately when you realize that nothing is going to happen in the way that you thought, you would be ready to let that person go. But that will a long time.

It is only when you realize that your energy has been spent on a useless cause and that you deserve someone better, you will feel good about the decision that you took. That is because you are now strong and wise to face the truth. Now you know what type of people should be there in your life and who should not be.

So, when your mind tells you that you should let someone go, take that decision bravely. It would be painful but that pain is worth to endure. You always deserve someone way better than a person who hurts you. so, listen to your heart and take the right decision.

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