By. Ran

Relationships and family ties are difficult.  People end up getting hurt. People end up hurting others.  People distance themselves from family members. This may be due to numerous reasons. And sometimes, even though it is hard to sever all ties with your family and loved ones, it is the best thing to do. Sometimes, distance helps both parties.  Sometimes, it can be the only way to keep the sanity; sometimes it is the only right way to handle the situation.

And here are 5 reasons why it is the best thing to do.

#1. They are only there for you when they need something

A healthy family is an intimate unit where everyone’s got everyone’s back. It is a place where family members are there for those who need them. But, in toxic families, there are certain members who will be there only for their own gain.  They are there because they need something in return.  This is the signal which tells you that you need to rethink your relationship with them.

#2. They judge you

The entire society, at one point or another, judges you. In fact, almost everyone around you tends to judge you at a certain point. But those who tend to judge you should not be in your family circle. Their judgment is OK if it is constructive criticism, then their intentions are pure and positive. But, if it hurts you and affects your self-esteem negatively, then maybe it is time for you to walk away from them.

3#. They gossip about you

If they are sharing your intimate detail with anyone and everyone they know, the best you can do is not tell them anything, or to detach from them entirely. When sharing such intimate stuff with them, the least they can do is to respect the vulnerability and privacy.

#4. They’re manipulative

If the way you are treated by the family changes constantly, then there is a red flag. If your family insults you one day and the next day they treat you nicely, then it is a sign that requires your attention. Such changes mean that they are manipulating you. And a healthy family should not do that. They treat you nicely when you try to step away in order not to lose control over you.

#5. They gaslight you

Gaslighting refers to the ability of people to manipulate victims and to make them feel powerless. This results in victims questioning their own perception, memory, and even their sanity. If this repeats, then maybe you should cut ties with them.

Sometimes it is not easy to distance yourself from your family; but, at times, it becomes the best thing to do.

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