Everyone loves receiving gifts. Among them, you can find some that are practical, adorable, or just plain bizarre. The finest ones, however, are hand-picked with care and are sure to make the recipient happy.

A puppy, given to a 96-year-old grandfather by his loving granddaughter, did more than just bring a smile to his face; it turned his “age in reverse” into a positive experience. We can’t get enough of these two closest friends now that they’re living the good life together.

Image Credit & More Info; Javiera Paz

Javiera with Capito.

Grandpa Luis was peacefully enjoying his golden years at the age of 96. He revelled in the tranquilly of his home and spent his days relaxing and unwinding. Instead of doing anything, he would sit about and watch TV. For Javiera, his granddaughter, his inactivity was a cause for concern. To that question, she had the ideal response: she hopes her grandpa has a long and happy life.

When Capito and grandpa first met.

The moment reverse aging started.

She embarked on a journey to see her cherished grandpa, accompanied by a bundle of affection – a cute puppy called Capito. Javiera was aware of his affinity for furry friends; Luis had considered adopting a dog before, but his relatives had discouraged him. Javiera chose to be proactive this time around.

Grandpa seems to be well invested.

Little Capito.

Unsurprisingly, Capito won over the family’s hearts in no time. Their jaws dropped when they saw how instantly Luis connected with the cute puppy.

When Luis sees what his granddaughter is holding in the TikTok that Javiera posted, his face lights up. After picking the dog up off the floor, he is hooked. Among life’s most magical experiences is the first time you hold your new puppy, regardless of your age (6 or 96). A canine companion to cherish, cuddle, and go on all your adventures with. Having that moment will always mean the world to a dog owner.

Grandpa sees Capito as his grand child.

They became inseparable the moment they met.

Adorable Capito.

Luis started his incredible transformation in the days that followed. He seemed to be going backwards in time. He usually stayed indoors and watched television nonstop. He established a new pattern while working with Capito. My grandpa is in a lot better mood and is doing a lot more now. “He has established a routine with Capito,” Javiera remarked during an interview. Capito has won Luis’ heart and shown that there is no age limit to enjoying life to the fullest.

The two friends having a nap.

Capito exploring the garden.

Capito needs attention!

The puppy had a profound effect on his new owner, inspiring him to get out more and learn to value nature for all its beauty. As an alternative to watching the same old TV show, Luis can take pleasure in seeing his garden transform with the changing seasons or the unique behaviour of waves following a storm—all while accompanied by his faithful puppy companion.

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