By. Anuradha

We all love different things. Our tastes and preferences are mostly different from each other but one thing that all of us love and adore from our childhood is teddy bears. We all love to snuggle a teddy and fall asleep, share the bad things that happened at school with the teddy and when we grew up, we used to cuddle a teddy whenever we felt downhearted. So, loving a teddy and being with a teddy is not something unusual for most of us. But have you ever seen a teddy with a rat?

Jessica Florence and Ellen Van Deelen started taking pictures of their pet rats posing with miniature teddies back in 2008 and these photos started going viral on the internet. They went viral on Imgur and nobody knew the real story behind the pictures.

However, we could go to Jessica Florence’s Flickr account and there we found the first pictures that she has uploaded back in 2008. The photos showed her three pet rats; Bug, Duck, and Worm posing with plush toys. This was also the time Ellen Van Deelen joined Redbubble and started sharing pictures of her cute rats; Moppy, Witje, and Rosie posing with teddies. Both these women are not related but somehow they seem to have the same passions and interests and I am sure that you all would fall in love with all these beautiful and adorable pictures.

They are not just cute but also very adorable and we could also see many other people following the initiative and sharing pictures of their pets with teddies.

So, scroll down to see this beautiful collection and maybe you can also use this time productively and try to do a photoshoot of your pet along with your favorite toy!

Jessica Florence.

Ok Little buddy, Lets sleep.

This is how you sleep.

Hey, This is my little friend.

Looks like they are sleeping with a baby.

Black and white beauties.

Lets cuddle buddy.

Ellen Van Deelen.

Lets go for a walk little baby.

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