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Hamsters fall under the category of rodents and are popular as pets all around the world. Wild hamsters remain underground during the daytime in order to avoid getting caught by predators. These creatures are generally stout-bodied, have small furry ears, short stocky legs, wide feet, and their tails are shorter than their body length.

Their silky and thick fur comes in the colors of grey, honey, black, brown, white, red, yellow, or mixed, and this varies according to the species. Although hamsters are very flexible animals, their bones are known to be rather fragile. These creatures are highly vulnerable to changes in temperature, extreme cold, and extreme heat. Hamsters are animals with poor eyesight, but their other senses function properly.

These omnivores eat vegetables as well as meat. Wild hamsters feed on grass, seeds, and insects. Did you know that hamsters love to eat peanut butter? Yes, you heard me right. But it should be done in a careful manner, without letting it get stuck on their cheeks. Pet hamsters should not be fed junk food, sugary food, salty food, and chocolate. It is important to add vegetables and fruits into their diet in order to keep them healthy.

These adorable little creatures are recognized as food hoarders. They hold food inside their spacious cheek pouches and take them to their underground storage units. Most hamsters are known to be solitary animals. There is a possibility of chronic stress occurring when housed together. The golden hamster is very famous as a commonly kept pet.

Recently we came across video footage of a Japanese hamster eating a carrot in bed, under a blanket. It is the most adorable thing on the internet today. This cute creature named Mike, munching on a piece of carrot, is sure to melt your heart. He is undoubtedly enjoying his bedtime snack.

The video went viral because of how cute the little creature looks and how cute his munching looks. He is definitely stealing the hearts of everyone around the world. Don’t forget to have a look at this adorable video and share it with your family and friends.

Video Credit & More info: mikesanman19/youtube

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