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His name is Thomas Dumbo. And he makes giant wooden sculptures and hides them away in forests. His intention is to lure people away from concrete cities and computer screens, to make them step into the wilderness and help them reconnect with nature. They really do spend a lot of time engulfed in out computerized virtual worlds and it has resulted in us being disconnected from nature, from the source of life. With these sculptures, He really hopes to bridge the gap between nature and human beings. All of his sculptures are made out of recycled material, which is often discarded and becomes a threat to the natural world. He also hope to show the potential of recycled materials.

More info:

He has always been a huge fan of fairy tales and folklore since he was a child. He loved dreaming of faraway mystic lands of trolls and dragons. As a teenager, He started writing his own stories as a rapper, putting out records, touring and creating a universe, where he could tell these stories. In this project, He try to combine all his passions together- Recycling, Rapping, Nature, and Sculptures.

The project is called “The 7 Trolls and The Magical Tower.” It is a story of fairies and magic, vocalized through wooden sculptures and statues. It is hidden in the wilderness of forest greenness and is made out of recycled material. And if it seems a bit confusing to you, hope this video will make you grasp the concept better, to make sense of the project.

Here are some interesting facts about the project:

# The height of the 7 trolls varies from 7 to 18 meters (23 to 59 feet). The tower is 17 meters high. (56 feet)

# It took him and his crew of 15 people around 25 weeks to build.

# The wood is mainly old shelves from a supermarket, pallets, and branches from fallen trees.

# And it is all hidden away in a Belgian forest.

And here is the video I talked about earlier. Hope you will enjoy it!

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