When you heard something like, you don’t have to wash your underwear for weeks, you will get a gross feeling. However, it is actually space age technology by NASA and it is environmental friendly than any other underwear.

As adults, doing the laundry is one of the worst jobs. Many of you are waiting for the last minute until you are down to just a single pair of underwear. Almost all of us have a practice to wash our clothes after a one use. What if you could get a pair of underwear that does not require washing for weeks at a time? Amazing right?

Laundry: After how long, do you go washing your clothes? are you doing it at least once a week? Or do you push it and go for once in two weeks? However, this new pair of undies would help you out.

Creation: This creation was founded by a  Danish company and it is an online retailer Organic Basics company. These underwear has been designed to last weeks between washes.

Taste: The underwear line was inspired by materials that are used by NASA. It has all kind of styles which will fit your taste. As an example, boxers, thongs, and tank tops are available. This product is available for both women and men. Therefore, everyone can get their own style.

Environmental Friendly: Now a day, the whole world is looking forward to work towards an environment-friendly scheme. Therefore, this company is incredibly environmentally conscious as well. The company aims to reduce carbon footprints left by frequently using washing machines.

Safety: The Silvertech 2.0 material is also recycled and is built to be “durable, comfy and odor-killing.” The antimicrobial material that is used also helps to “kill 99.9 percent of all the bacteria” as well, making these some really incredibly undies.

Fashion Industry Pollution: As per the Kickstarter, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and two-thirds of that waste occurs during consumer use – particularly through washing and drying. SilverTech 2.0 is not only created with the most sustainable materials on the market, but it cuts down on consumer impact by reducing the need to wash your clothes as often.

Technology Advancements: The technology behind the underwear was inspired by NASA, who use the oligodynamic material as a method of purifying water in the International Space Station

Crowdfunding: The company has made a decision to use crowdfunding to assist them to make this underwear a reality. In the end, they reached $155,589, far surpassing their original goal of $30,000, which means many people have good attitudes towards saving the environment and avoid doing laundry.

Treatments:  ‘A polygiene silver treatment makes our underwear naturally anti-microbial meaning it will kill 99.9% of all the bacteria and fungi building up in there.’ Stated by Online Retailer Organic Basics

Plans: The company was started in 2015, As per the company view, they are planning to create basics that are environmentally friendly and also with suitability. Therefore, the company began creating underwear, socks, and even t-shirts.

Waste Management:  “Our business is sustainable fashion. The traditional way of buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced underwear is a terrible waste of resources.” Stated by CEO and co-founder.

Time & Money Save: “And it is extremely harmful to the environment,” he added. “It works. You can wear our underwear much longer before washing. You save time and money while we reduce the waste of water and energy.”

Post-Industrial: “We use mechanically recycled nylon which is extremely sustainable as a textile choice,” Fibiger explained to Business Insider. “The nylon’s raw material is made from mechanically recycled nylon developed in Italy from post-industrial waste fiber, yarn from spinning factories, and waste from weaving mills. And we use seamless knitting technology making the garment comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time.”

Price: Are you curious about the price? You can go to their WEBSITE. Grab your packs soon. Lots of discounts and offers for early birds.

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