Jennifer George, who resides in a semi-rural part of San Diego County, used to see different creatures stumbling into her yard from a distance before coming up with the brilliant idea to get a closer look. A good hobby started when she decided to bring some water for a family of coyote pups on a sweltering day in 2019.

She began with a basic metal bowl of water, which was quickly adopted by neighborhood animals because California can be rather hot, and then improved it into a true “animal thirst trap” with a larger bowl and a solar fountain.

Image Credit & More Info; JenniferGeorge/Instagram | tiktok

#1. Wow! At first glance, it looks like a statue.

#2. How sweet.

#3. We can’t tell if this is the same guy…

Now, different animals stop by George’s garden every day for a cool drink or a no-cost pool party. But the greatest thing is that a covert camera placed outside the fountain allows us to investigate feathered, furred, and even scaly creatures and their behavior up close. Additionally, some of them—like snakes and coyotes—you certainly wouldn’t want to personally encounter!

#4. Drinking and always watching at the same time!

#5. Seeing its legs is kind of jarring.

#6. How majestic!

She explained that she used to observe animals outdoors in their yard because she lived in a semi-rural section of San Diego County on a vast property, and she thought it would be great to acquire an outside camera to get a better look. “I put a bowl of water out there to attract them, because I didn’t want to make them dependent on us for food, and because it’s very hot and dry here in the summer.” Birds soon began to congregate there to drink and bathe during the day, and at night they would observe bobcats, skunks, and other nocturnal creatures drinking. Every morning, she added, she was eager to check the camera to see what had shown.

#7. A danger noodle seeks hydration…

#8. We love rabbits!

#9. He looks like he owns this fountain!

The state of California may have the most diversified flora in all of the United States. Skunks, bobcats, raccoons, opossums, rabbits, squirrels, mice, lizards, hawks, hummingbirds, and various other species of birds, as well as a dog, have all been photographed by George (not her pet). View our gallery of photos and videos to see who else visited! Visit George’s social media pages with footage from her Ring camera if you want to see all the hypnotic movies showing how these animals interact.

#10. He brought some friends!

#11. Mr. Hawks looks extremely critical of the liquid before his talons.

#12. He knows…

George claimed that she has encountered animals she had never seen before owing to her tiny fountain and a camera.

#13. Was that not a skunk?

#14. This is a Hooded Oriole.

#15. The colors are awesome!

Even though she has spent her whole life in Southern California, she has never seen several of these creatures, like the long-tailed weasel and the western tanager. “I love seeing the coyote puppies and the road runners. I’m hoping an owl will stop by one day.”

#16. “If I fit, I sit.”

#17. Squirrels are such comedians!

#18. Looks like a Spotted Towee!

#19. Crows are heavily misunderstood!

#20. Western Tanagers.

#21. So many coyotes!

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