By. Anuradha

We all love when it’s the wintertime. Nothing can be better than covering yourself up with a warm blanket and enjoying the luxury of a hot coffee with cold weather outside. But, when the coldness becomes too much, it can be pretty unbearable for anyone. You will not like even to move outside and you will desperately search for ways to make yourself comfortable.

This cold weather is severely affecting Japan as well. many Snowmen are out on the street recently and it is not only the people who are being affected by the weather. Busao, the cute chubby cat is also feeling a bit bad about this cold weather but he has found a lover who helps him to get through this hard condition.

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His owner, Ryuji Tan said that “Japan is so cold right now! All he wants is to warm up more”.

The lover of Busao is none other than a heater! This cold weather has affected the poor cat in a bad way so that he spends most of his times touching the heater. Ryuji has adopted Busao from the streets of Ibaraki, he says, “Busao was originally a stray cat. I think he is about 9-years-old”.

Ryuji regularly uploads the pictures of the cat on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can see how cute he is and how much he is in love with the heater. In some pictures, it seems as if the cat is worshipping the heater as if it is a divine object and this can even be how you behave in winter!

So, If you enjoy the photos of Busao’s love for the heater and tag your friends who spend their whole winter near heaters too! We are waiting to see your thoughts in the comment section below.

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