By. Ran

Dear God,

It is true that I don’t have everything I wish for in life. But I want to take a moment and thank you for all the gifts you have given me.

First of all, thank you for always guiding me in the right direction. 

Thank you for guiding my wavering heart. Thank you for providing me with directions, for making me see what is pure and right.

Thank you for all the wisdom you grant on me each day. Thank you for sending people who feel like sunshine into my life. People who make my life more meaningful and more exciting. People that I look up to.

Thank you for all the lessons. You taught me to be respectful, to be grateful, and to appreciate even in the darkest times.  Thank you sending me pains that made me wiser and stronger.

 You inspired me to learn new things and to gain a new perspective.

Thank you for forgiving me multiple time.

Thank you for forgiving me when I made mistakes, when I hurt people, deliberately or otherwise, when I let my worries and fears control my mind when I let pride take over.

You did not hate me even when I was rude, selfish, cruel, and ungrateful. Thank you for not giving up on me when my faith was shaken.

You gave me second chances. To set things right and to repent.

I have had to face many hardships and buffers. Thank you for giving me the strength to face them without collapsing.

In this life of traps. Thank you for keeping me distanced from the temptations.

Thank you for not letting me lose confidence in myself, for not allowing me to lose faith in what I can do.  Thank you for giving me faith when I saw no hope when it all seemed dark and grim to me.

Thank you for healing my wounds, for mending my heart that has been broken so many times.

Thank you for protecting me and my family.

Thank you for guiding me through life, in every step.

Thank you for everything.

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