By. Ran

We all love compliments. It is safe to say that, as human beings, we regard compliments and praise as crucial aspects of the social life we lead.  They not only make us feel better instantly but also make us like the person who compliments or praises us better too. In fact, both at the giving end and the receiving end become happier after a compliment, or rather, a simple but nice remark about somebody.

It turns out that humans are not the only ones who love praises and compliments so much. Our best friends – cats and dogs too love them as much as we do. And birds too! People recently shared photos of their pets before and after being called a good boy- the most common and the most loved compliment of all the times.  The photos prove that the compliment is capable of instantly brighten up their mood. However, some of them were just too mad and decided to be even more grumpier after receiving the compliment!

So scroll down to get your daily dose of aww. Plus, some of these photos are pretty hilarious.

#1. A ball of cuteness! (luwuryxo)

#2. She was just too mad. (Dareeza)

#3. Look at that bright smile! (JavaReallySucks)

#4. The compliment made her so happy that she decided to flutter her wings and take a ride around the room!  (pixlepunk)

#5. Looks like the compliment made her a tad angrier. (mrking944)

#6. All his anger faded away just like that. (Caninehelpyou)

#7. Aww, I think my heart just melted at the sight of those big eyes!

#8. Oh, the change those simple words can bring! (courtSANDS)

#9. Okay, this one sure knows how to mock you and make a sarcastic face! (Horty1388)

#10. She is intrigued by the compliment. You better explain to her what is going on here. (alvaedison)

#11. A bright smile is a gift you get in return for the compliment you gave. And I would not ask for more. (reddit)

So, what do you think? Aren’t they just adorable?

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