You might expect a meteor to fall from the sky, but would you believe me if I were to tell you of a pup that fell from the sky? You might have a hard time believing such a story. However, that is exactly what happened in the case of this pup. Wandi is a puppy that fell down from the sky mysteriously. This pup was discovered in a backyard in Wandiligong, Australia. The family that the backyard belonged to found the pup after hearing a whimpering sound.

Apparently, this ball of fluff turned out to be a very rare Australian alpine dingo. After realizing that the pup owned foxlike facial features the family took him to the Alpine Animal Hospital with hopes of getting a DNA test to discover his breed. Dr. Rebekah Day, the veterinarian who inspected Wandi, observed some marks on the creature’s back.

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The marks appeared to be that of the claws of an eagle and it was possible that an eagle carried the pup and dropped him onto the ground from the sky. Fortunately for Wandi, the Australian Dingo Foundation received information regarding the pup and requested that the pup be transferred to their sanctuary. The Australian Dingo Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on the conservation of wild canids.

According to them, discovering that Wandi was an alpine dingo was a blessing to their foundation. There are three types of dingos native to Australia and they can be categorized as desert dingos, alpine dingos, and tropical dingos. Sadly, from these three varieties, alpine dingos are facing extinction. A few reasons behind this are hunting, interbreeding, and habitat destruction. It is clear that in most parts of Australia, the domestic-dog-dingo hybrid population dominates over purebreds.

Even though Wandi was merely a pup when he was taken to the sanctuary, he has since grown up so much. The Australian Dingo Foundation hopes to provide a safe home for Wandi as well as make him a vital part of their breeding program.

The alpine dingo now has his own Instagram account consisting of over 50K followers. For more adorable images of Wandi follow wandi_dingo.

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