By: Anuradha

Many of us prefer to shop online as it is much comfortable, easy and even the prices are also affordable. When you don’t feel like getting up and dressed and going out on a cold day, nothing would be better than buying all that you want from the web. You don’t need to laugh and talk with every known face that you meet, you don’t want to be in your best behaviors or you don’t want to spend on transport and because of all these reasons, online purchasing would seem much convenient for many people nowadays. 

However, if you are someone who is regularly buying things online, you would know that your expectations will not always come true when you actually see the item that you ordered. Especially, when it comes to clothes, shoes and other accessories, many of the things that you saw on the web, will not look the same or will not be in same color or size that you ordered. You might have come across with a lot of instances where you felt really bad about your purchase and here we have some pictures of such situations that reveal the whole truth about online shopping.

You would relate these pictures to your own experiences and don’t forget to share those interesting moments with us!

#1. Chinese fashion as it is. (Sergiotor9)

#2. Wait a minute! These sneakers cost $750. (theskyisfire)

#3. The word on the cup expresses the customer’s reaction brilliantly. (SVMESSEFVIFVTVRVS)

#4. When the print is almost as same as the picture. (whenisnaptime)

#5. There are certain things that we don’t know about cats. (lucsgueds)

#6. I bought some tights for Halloween. (LambLegs)

#7. Here is one more reason to lose weight. (Anna Fuzzana Ridduan)

#8. Ready for the red carpet. (Brides Beware)

#9. Even artificial Christmas trees shed needles. (BeadyWeady)

#10. She just wanted to look sexy. (sarah_wonderlandss)

#11. This is how sellers from online shops suffer from gigantomania. (Alyssa Donovan)

#12. Delicately pink or floor rag? (imgur)

#13. I ordered a jigsaw puzzle and it was already put together. (pikabu)

#14. Go-home-cause-you-are-too-drunk cape. (Knockoff Nightmares)

#15. Ariel’s miserable life. (Knockoff Nightmares)

#16. This why you should not order a dress for graduation party online. (Cooper)

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