TikTok has served as an excellent platform for a huge deal of viral memes. The Chordettes’ rendition of the song “Mr. Sandman” from 1954, which was performed with the nine-camera split filter, was one of them.

The user Enoch True was the one who initiated the trend of using Tik Tok videos. Since then, his video has received a total of 22.5 million views for his content. After the initial video idea was posted, a number of videos, both good and unsuccessful, emerged, and it appears that his trend is not going away any time soon.

Image Credit & More Info; thesandmancat/Instagram | tiktok

Jade Taylor.Ryan is 17 years old (When she captured the video), and has a passion for soccer, and already has a cat. Do you know what it was that brought her fame in a couple of hours? it was Ed! It’s Ed more specifically her cat, and all of these things originated from a basic video editing job that Jade completed and posted to TikTok.

It is abundantly clear that she was successful in bringing together three of the most popular items that can be found on the internet: memes, videos, and cats for example. It is therefore not going to come as a surprise that the video that has gone viral has had over 7 million views and around 1.5 million likes since it was uploaded a couple of days ago. According to Jade, who has only been using TikTok for a few months, the idea to create this video came out of nowhere. There was no prior planning involved. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t put much thought into this video. I was just bored one night and I saw a video of another user using the 9-person filter. Therefore, I thought to myself, this would be funny if I did it with my cat, and so I did!”

As a result of Ed’s excellent performance as a model for the song “Mr. Sandman” from 1954, it succeeded in making all of us happy and went viral.

Jade was taken away when she saw the reaction of the Tiktok community.

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