By. Neluka

Just as much are there dog lovers in this World, there are indeed an equal amount of cat lovers too. Here’s a brief account of cats and what they are like.

Cats are domestic animals, who are naturally hunters, able to stalk prey and pounce with sharp claws and teeth. They are particularly effective at night, when their light-reflecting eyes allow them to see well than much of their prey. Cats also enjoy acute hearing. All cats are nimble and agile, and their long tails aid their outstanding balance. Recently, we compiled a few pictures, of some spoiled and overly petted Kings and Queens, also evoking the endless love towards the owner’s pet cats.

#1. She has paved a comfortable bridge that leads to the windowsill that she could lie on with a terrific view of the neighborhood outside. (soup_sammich)

#2. Happy Birthday Molly and Tim! (HelpfulPhotograph185)

#3. A throne for King Arthur on his 17th birthday! “It’s great to pay attention to your cat, but spoiling can be detrimental,” Molly De Voss, a certified feline training and behavior specialist who runs Cat Behavior solutions agency, told. (PM_ME_UR_FAVCOLOR)

#4. Fancy hammock for rest time. (ladymistborn)

#5. Watching the birds roost every day. (mooboomooM)

#6. Floral cat tree home like Tinkerbells suite. (wolfie_smiles)

#7. Wearing an extra pant to make their cat feel more comfortable and rest by their side. (oplunz)

#8. An improvised hot tub for Trixie who refuses to come out in an hour. (gracejulia38)

#9. Comfortably in luxury. (KoraWhore)

#10. Snoozing in with my owner in the bath tub. (IsaacTowellComedy)

#11. A very own crocheted couch just for her cat. (Higlac)

#12. Using strollers for an evening stroll. (is_rotting)

#13. ‘She’s adorable, I can’t help but admit it.” (laurieatari)

#14. Back scratchers for a good massage and therapy. (mlapa)

#15. Spoilt with tech at a young age. (Liz Buckley)

#16. Rides in a soda case. (No-Session9530)

#17. Clingy at all times. (scarletcyanide)

#18. Customized bedroom featuring a very own TV for the cat. (Bry_in_the_sky)

#19. (beeberoni)

#20. Only asks to sleep on his owners arms. (materiamasta)

#21. A theme park to have fun at home. (eggsterminate)

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