So, who said a rooster can’t get a job at a car dealership? Probably nobody. Regardless, mighty rooster has definitively shown that the old quote “the sky’s the limit” holds true even in the roosters’ realm. Then how was that accomplished? By taking a job as an auto shop employee. Yes, I know—he isn’t really employed by the company. However, at times, it might certainly appear that way.

Are you puzzled? Let me explain it to you..
During the summer of 2018, everything unfolded. It appeared as though this stray rooster had no intention of leaving anytime soon when he came up. The workers at the garage fed him and assumed he was going someplace else soon because they were planned to take a vacation. It turns out that Earl spends his nights slumbering in a neighbouring tree, though he does retreat to the garage when the weather turns nasty.

Image Credit & More Info; RANDR Garage

Earl runs over to each of his coworkers first thing in the morning to say hello. Whenever the day’s first customer walks in, he dashes over to say hello. After obtaining his cup of scratch, he investigates the store for any insects. Joe Gallo, co-owner of R and R Garage, told in an interview that he crawls under every single toolbox and workbench in the garage in search of spiders and whatever else he may find.
Earl enjoys observing and chatting with his coworkers as they go about their daily tasks in the garage.

Whenever you’re working on a car in the shop, he’ll likely climb up and sleep in a corner or beneath the vehicle. People walking by or loud noises don’t bother him. Joe Gallo told in another interview that there have been occasions when they had to step over him since he slept just outside the office door.

The world needs more people like Joe Gallo and I’m convinced that the world would be a much better place to live in if that was the case. Always do good and it’ll come to you in unexpected ways and with that being said let us know if you come across any acts of kindness, like this story.

Fun fact:  Gallo means rooster in Spanish.

That fun fact just proved that they were meant to be together.

He should be in the next fast and the furious movie.

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