By. Anuradha

It is said that girls adore boys’ beards. They love to touch it, feel it and that is why several men try to have a decent beard even if they might not personally like it. However, it turns out that not only in the human world but also in the animal world there are some birds with beards and the only difference is that their beard is more likely two whiskers that we often see our granddads’ wearing. However, with their cute whiskers and the round shape, the Bearded Reedling or the Panurus biarmicus is sure to be your next favourite bird in the list and we thought of sharing some facts about them.

The peculiar marks like mustaches on these breadcrumbs have given them a serious but equally adorable look and these marks are visible only among the males of this species while the females have only a slightly dark beak than the males.

Image Credit: David Drangsland

Image Credit: Radovan Vaclav

You can spot them in Europe, Asia and even in North Africa but since they live in deep forests, they are not commonly spotted by people. However, if you are lucky you might be able to see these cuties one day and we hope that if you get the chance or if you have already seen them you would share the experience with us!

Image Credit: Kev Chapman

Image Credit: David Drangsland

Image Credit: Olsson Stenman

Their tail (around 8 cm) is long as much as their body and because of this tiny structure, they are known for showing acrobatic skills on the air. They also have a very attractive and pleasant tune so you can listen to their songs for hours and hours without getting bored.

Image Credit: nick ford

Image Credit: Radovan Vaclav

So, If you enjoyed the pictures of these furballs and we hope that you will enjoy our collection. If we can preserve nature and provide a safe home for all these birds and animals, surely they will have a better life and we will also get the chance to enjoy their presence and beauty. So, share the article among your friends and allow them to also love and adore this little baby and inspire them to admire the true elegance of Mother Nature.

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