Are you under the impression that just one amusing cat can keep you motivated, upbeat, and working hard till the weekend? If so, you’re in for a rude awakening. The cute Zuu actually shares a home with another cat named Bocco. The two cats will make you chuckle and desire to cuddle with them.

Their chubby, disillusioned expressions make it hard not to crack a smile.

Image Credit & More Info; Instagram

Owner of Zuu, frequently publishes images of her adorable kitties Zuu, Mr.P and Bocco to Instagram. She has an extensive library of thousands of posts and is still going strong. The mischief-making two-cat team has morethan 100k followers. Born on June 26, 2016, Bocco is a member of the Exotic Shorthair cat breed. Zuu, on the other hand, is a relatively young Exotic Longhair that came into this world on August 21, 2017. These two exotic felines are males.

According to an exclusive interview with Zuu and Bocco’s owner, “two cats sleep all day long while I’m at work – I assume that they sleep around 20 hours a day.”

Because he is timid and uncomfortable with new people, Bocco enjoys when I give him massages and follows me around the home. In the past, he got along great with the hedgehogs I kept. Now Zuu is much friendlier and less timid towards dogs he meets in the park.
We’re not the only ones who have gotten smitten with Bocco and Zuu, the felines that have been the subject of numerous internet memes.

In 1967, the first offspring of Persians and British Shorthairs were born, a breed known as Exotic Shorthairs. As described in the Trupanion cat guide, this hybrid took after its ancestors in many ways. It inherited the laid-back temperament of the Persian and the low-maintenance coat and strong energy levels of its shorthaired relatives. Because they are energetic and fun, but not overly needy, exotic shorthairs make wonderful companions for families with young children.

He is little sleepy sometimes.

Maybe planing his next adventure to park.

He is my bestie.

He is amazed.

They are defenitely waiting for foods.

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