Horses are creatures that possess a majestic aura that is sure to enchant any human being. However, their size manages to create fear within humans which is why we admire their beauty from afar. Mini horses on the other hand are the definition of adorable and were created during the 1600s in Europe with the intention of being raised as pets by the nobility.

These creatures grow up to around 100cm and are friendly with humans as well as dogs. Their small size makes it difficult for anyone to ride them, but they are made used for driving, agility, and as perfect companions. Below we have compiled some pictures of mini horses that are sure to warm your heart. Hope you enjoy it!

#1. Now this mini horse belongs in a fairytale. (bluefuzzyoctopus)

#2. That moment when your baby and your horse are the same size.

#3. Mini horses are the very definition of adorable and what better proof do you need?

#4. Going for a walk with my tiny horse buddy. (Imgur)

#5. Nothing to see here, just my dog and his mini-horse friend hanging out.

#6. Mini black stallion. (Imgur)

#7. Spot the stuffed animal from the real one.

#8. Can’t help falling in love. (shh_im_not_here)

#9. Combine a horse with a shrinking ray and this is what you get. (DecentDudeDustin)

#10. Mini horses do enjoy drives. (Imgur)

#11. Found the perfect spot to nap. (karabshilling)

#12. An adorable-looking lion or a tiny horse? (Twidbin)

#13. Just a mini horse having a walk with his friends.

#14. This is too small.

#15. God definitely dropped a tube filled with cuteness when he created mini horses.

#16. How can our hearts handle this cuteness? (LuckECharms)

#18. When you are playful, but your best bud is too serious.

#19. Introducing the ideal pet for kids, the adorable mini horse. (imasnake)

#20. Momma said fruits were good, so I decided to have a banana.

#21. Mini Horse decided to try out the tongue-out pose. (SandKitten)

#22. Wanna play with me? (LozOz)

#23. I swear I was just wondering, don’t know how I ended up here. (iyearnheart)

#24. Everything has a mini version, even horses. (iyearnheart)

#25. This is why you associate the word “cute” with the word “short”. (iyearnheart)

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