Sharon Hughes has become a worldwide internet sensation after sharing videos of her feeding the eight foxes sausage rolls in her garden in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire.

They’ve had 90 million views altogether on Instagram and TikTok.

Sharon, 56, said: “We are now on the fourth generation of foxes. I remember feeding their great-grandparents.
“I began posting videos of the foxes being fed a few years ago and I now get messages from all over the world. “No food goes in the bin when they are about, that’s for sure.”
For the past quarter of a century, an animal welfare activist has provided food for the same fox family in her garden.

Image Credit & More Info; shazzababie/Instagram | tiktok

Video of Sharon Hughes feeding eight foxes sausage buns in her garden in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, went viral after she shared the footage online.

Between Instagram and TikTok, they’ve racked over 90 million views.

Our fox population is currently in its fourth generation, according to Sharon, 56. I am reminded of the day when I fed their gigantic ancestors.

A few years ago, I started uploading videos of the foxes being fed, and now people from all around the globe message me.

“No food goes in the bin when they are about, that’s for sure.”
According to Sharon, who spoke to the Sunday Mail, the foxes get their daily fix of sausages and sausage buns at her house.

They are also given leftovers such as chicken legs, pizza, eggs and Chinese delivery.

When the foxes are mating, Sharon doesn’t see them for two months. That’s it.

My Instagram and TikTok profiles have a total following of 140,000 foxes and my posts have received over 10 million likes and 90 million views Sharon said.

So many people are interested in my fox pack; I can’t believe it. I am deeply humbled by it.
She tends to the foxes’ nutritional needs and their medical requirements as well. After taking one to an Ayrshire animal refuge, Sharon tried to save it after a car knocked it down and injured it, but it was too late. She incorporates specialised medications into the sausages if she observes any animals limping or experiencing pain.

From Twisted and Little Ted to Charles and Dyson, each of the eight foxes has its own unique nick name

“We call one fox Dyson because he hoovers everything up,” Sharon stated after her husband Billy died of illness at the age of 57 in 2020.

The reason Twisty acquired his nickname, according to Sharon, is because his head is cocked to one side. But a vet checked him out via video and said he’s fine. He speculates that it may run in families. After making his first public appearance on the day of the coronation, Charles was given his name.

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