When you think of German Shepherds two words that might pop into your head are “protective” and “fierce”. After all, they are known as guard dogs for a reason. However, appearances can be deceiving and there’s much more to German Shepherds than their ferocious looks. If there’s anything to learn from this story it is that these dogs also have a caring side attached to them.

Sarge is a German Shepherd and a gentle giant. His owner is someone who loves to rescue animals and this has revealed that the doggo has a soft side. Apparently, he is quite the softy in all matters related to orphaned fawns.

Sarge lives on a small farm located in Ohio and his owner, Cheryl Stephen has been bringing home strays since she was merely a little girl. Luckily for her Sarge is a great babysitter when it comes to injured animals.

This doggo joined the Stephen family nine years back and he used to be quite a playful pup biting toes and chasing the kids around the house.

However, an alteration took place in his behavior after a rescued fawn was brought to the farm. From the moment that the poor creature arrived, Sarge sprang into action and guarded the fawn. He took extremely good care of the baby deer and one could definitely call him the perfect babysitter.

There are also other animals living on the farm and including a pet rooster named Big Roo, Gibby the horse, Corn Pone the pony, Hildie the baby goat, Bucky the cow, a black sheep, a hen, and even rock doves.

Stephen also owns four other dogs, Brownie, Dingo, Doodle, and Scrunchers. Since Sarge is surrounded by all these animals it is no wonder that he is friendly and loving towards other creatures.

Stephen shares images of the farm animals online and people absolutely adore them. This individual and her family rescue animals out of love and they help all these poor creatures even without donations from outside sources. Isn’t that just beautiful?

Image Credit & More Info; buckys_porch/Instagram

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