By. Anuradha

Normally ladies are known for maintaining a huge hat collection. They will have hats for different occasions in different colors and different shapes. But have you ever heard that cats can also have a hat collection? And most importantly, how would you feel if you get to know that those hats were made out of their fur? 

The Japanese couple, Ryo Yamazaki and his wife Hiromi are the proud owners of three furballs who are extremely cute and pretty. The three little kids are the tabby Nyaa, the white fluff Mar and the ginger youngster Mugi. They are so playful and always make a mess at home with their fur. Whenever they play on sofa or carpet, they tend to shed a lot of fur and the creative couple came up with a wonderful idea to clean the mess they make.

They made it their hobby to create adorable tiny hats with the fur they shed and the result turned out to be stunning. Now they have an adorable collection of hats and you would surely love to see this collection.

More info: Ryo Yamazaki

Scroll down to see the pictures and don’t forget to share these cute ones with beautiful hats among your friends!

#1. The pilot.

#2. The warrior.

#3. The snail.

#4. I am from Iceland.

#5. Hey there!

#6. I am fashionable.

#7. Oh, there is a bear on my head!

#8. The princess.

#9. The captain.

#10. I am a rabbit.

#11. No, it’s not a duck.

#12. The king is here.

#13. You wanna fight?

#14. The monster.

#15. I am the boss.

#16. The cutie.

#17. I’m an alien.

#18. Just delivered.

#19. What?

#20. See innocent me. 

#21. Here we are!

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