By. Anuradha

Most of us always try to hide our tears because we often consider tears as a sign of weakness. We think emotional outbursts to be disempowering and many people try to shield their true emotions by wearing masks.

But what is the reason for considering that expression of emotions is weak?

From our young days, all the friends around us used to laugh whenever we cried. At home, your siblings might have asked you to wipe your tears ‘without being a baby all the time’. Even as an individual, you would have considered crying as being vulnerable. We are surrounded by people who mostly wish for our downfall than success and crying in front of such people will make us look miserable in their lives. So, all the time we often say ‘I am fine’ for everything even when you are not fine. You find it hard to express your true emotions and deep down you are scared whether your true emotions will be accepted by others. You will build a strong wall around your heart and bear up everything alone leaving the pain to grow bigger and bigger.

However, in reality, someone who is not afraid to cry is a person who has a high sense of emotional intelligence.

There are many physical and mental benefits that you can get by crying.

When you begin to express your true emotions, it shows that you are not afraid to face them. You acknowledge your reality and you have the confidence to face everything that comes your way. It helps you to leave behind all the negative energy that you are collecting inside and once you release everything, you will feel more comfortable and you will be at ease to look at the issue from multiple perspectives.

Crying is the best mental clean up that you can do for yourself.

It relieves stress and also improves the quality of your sleep. It fights with the unhealthy bacteria and strengthens your immune system.

Also, by crying in front of others you empower them to let go of their fears and face their reality.

So, hereafter don’t worry if you are into crying. It shows that you are emotionally sensible and strong enough to handle yourself.

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