By. Anuradha

We all are different from each other. We are not born with the same family background, same abilities and simply from the way we look to the way we think, we all are very much diverse. However, when a person with a disability is born, the way we all look at that person is very much pessimistic. We are naturally trying to corner them and ignore them and those people also learn to accept their destiny and be very negative about their life. But thankfully, in this decade, there is a change in this attitude and we can see many people with have learned to accept themselves and celebrate their deficiency in a positive note. 

The 8-year-old Grace Isabella is such a girl who has challenged her destiny. She is a little girl with Down Syndrome but she is already working as a fashion model. She has signed modeling contracts with Zebedee Management which is a modeling agency which has over 300 clients with disabilities.

More Info: Instagram | Zebedee Management

In an interview with Daily Mail, her mom Cheryl said,  “There is such a lot of negativity surrounding Down Syndrome. Grace has been through a lot of since she was born. She has had some major surgeries but she never been ill.”

She continued, “We need to get the message across that she is just a little girl who happens to have Down Syndrome. It’s no big deal, she is a feisty little girl and will always just be our daughter”

Her father John also added that “She always comes through everything that she was faced with. she is our little fighter”.

Grace has also modeled for BBC, CBeebies as well as Disney. It all began when Cheryl took Grace to a photoshoot for disabled people. Grace’s presence in the advertisements normalizes the presence of disabled in everyday life. She, of course, gives a great message to everyone and we wish this girl all the best from our heart!

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