By: AG

Having a big sister in life is such a blessing. She will make you feel mad like nothing and will love you unconditionally on the other hand. She will be your greatest critic and your fiercest protector. No one else would be like her and this is why your big sister is the most important person in your life.

1. She is your best and most loyal friend.

She is literally your second mother who has witnessed almost every important step in your life. She knows your first baby smile, your first day at school and your first pimple and even about your first kiss! She is pretty much good in handling you and will offer you the best advises.

2. You share the same closet.

I don’t know why exactly this happens but always my big sisters clothes seem way better than mine. Actually, her things always suit me and I was never ashamed to borrow clothes from her. Big sisters are like big closets.    

3. She knows how to deal with your parents.

Big sisters are a real help when dealing with parents. She has been through the things that you experience and therefore, she knows well how to deal with things. She will help you to solve things in a much smooth way and there will hardly be anyone like her for your help.

4. Anything goes.

You can wear your underwear and be with her in the same room even whole day. There will hardly be any privacy issues between you and of course those talks about life and love while she is sitting on the toilet will be priceless. After all you are sisters men! So why hide things?

5. She is the go-to person for cool movies, music and fashion trends.

She would be the best mate for movies and fashion shows. She will always advices you about the best trends and of course big sisters are not jealous of you. She would be happy seeing you dressed nicely and enjoy taking you to movies.

6. She will not sugarcoat the truth.

Most of the times, we can hardly rely on our friends about the truth. They will lie you in the most brutal way and will make you a joke in front of others. But, with the big sisters, the situation would be totally different. She will tell you even the most difficult things right at your face and make your life easier.

7. You are always welcome.

Your sister will always have a place for you especially when you are totally broken and need a shoulder to cry on. She will be a good listener and will always help you to find a solution for your matters.

8. She knows what you are made of.

She will know what you are capable of and your abilities. So at the times that you are reluctant to move forward because of self-doubts, she will cheer you up and show you the way to move forward.

9. Affordable therapy.

Big sisters always find the right words to say when your mood is out. They will offer you the best advises and will make you feel good. It is almost as if she has this magic power to soothe your soul.

10. She is always there for you.

No matter how hard you fight and say you hate each other, she will always be there for you in everything. She will be your motivation and your inspiration and having a big sister is such a gift truly.  So, if you have a big sister make sure you appreciate her enough!

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