Liz Clark has been sailing the globe since quitting her job as a bartender in San Diego, California, in 2006. In exchange for writing about her travels across the world, Clark was granted a Cal 40 sailboat. A 6-month-old cat that “Captain Lizzy” saved aboard the ship in 2013 was warmly welcomed.

In a statement to Buzzfeed, Clark said of her cat partner, “She has adapted to live around water.” Amelia, the cat (also affectionately known as Tropicat), likes to go trekking, beach strolling, and boat fishing.

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She frequently needs to step outside of a cat’s comfort zone, Clark continued. “But I believe she now realizes that I will keep her safe and that, in the end, she will have a lot of fun. She gives the yacht Swell a lot more of a homey feeling.”

Clark has so far traversed the South Pacific, the western coast of Central America, and Mexico. Although the wild kitten was underweight, Clark observed that she had a “commanding lioness attitude and reckless swagger.” Amelia thoroughly enjoys trekking with Clark as well. Along with having fun at the spa together… she certainly shares her human desire for adventure!

Clark goes on to explain the initial fear she felt before starting her travels. She says “It was petrifying to leave the safety and security of the dock and my friends and family” She claims she wasn’t sure if she would be capable of navigating such a large yacht and overseeing everything involved in an off-grid voyage. “…but I knew I had to try or I’d always regret it” she continues.

She didn’t know how she would generate money before she went, and contrary to what many people believe, she doesn’t come from a wealthy family. Clark claims that on her trips, she sleeps on a pool mat under the stars.

“But I feel rich when I look up at that night sky and breathe the fresh ocean air and leap into the sea each morning”

And she feels right at home when she’s near Amelia, wherever they are in the world.

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