By. Thilini

Have you ever heard of a story about a cat befriending a piglet? Well, me neither.

It turns out the adorable black cat cannot survive the day without the piglet best friend. The cat is named Sriracha and her story before meeting the piglet is not that happy.

Sriracha is a cat born with a rare neurological condition. As a result, she has walking difficulties, losing balance every once in a while. She also has seizures. But luckily, her newfound friend has been able to help her face everything with a brave face.

Her friend the piglet also has suffered quite a lot for his young age. He is just two weeks old but he was orphaned shortly after he was born and life wasn’t easy from that moment onwards. Luckily, they found each other and now are living their own happily ever after fairy-tale.

The two met at Rancho Relaxo, a rescue facility in New Jersey. After the initial meeting, the duo has been quite inseparable. From day one, the piglet understood that the kitten needed help and that is exactly what he provides every day.

“He became so attached to Sriracha,” rescue Caitlin Cimini wrote on Facebook. “I swear he knows she has had a bad couple of days and feels the need to comfort her.”

This adorable duo went viral after their video was shared online. The video depicted the kitten having a seizure and the piglet rushing to cuddle her and calm her down. It was such a blessing that this moment was caught on camera. It really is heart-melting. Take a look for yourself.

Image Credit & More Info; facebook | | youtube

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