By. Ran

Ever experienced that feeling when your heart melts in to warm liquid with love? Well, it turns out animals experience this feeling too. According to studies, they can love, hug and behave just like humans do. Their affection knows no limit, especially when they find their soul mate!

Scroll down to see 23 cute pictures which prove that love rules the animal kingdom!

#1. Falling asleep on his chest is the greatest feeling ever, right? (Lara_the_dog/reddit)

#2. Walking towards the eternity, together! (animalplanet)

#3. I crave no existence in a world where you are no more. (8enj4m1n/imgur)

#4. We do have the happiest family ever. (Unknown/imgur)

#5. You are my only weakness. You are my only strength. (Ricardo P.M/illusion-es. blogspot)

#6. Happiness exists within the family!

#7. I promise you, baby, I will always keep you safe. Always! (animalplanet)

#8. We are together and nothing matters anymore. (Iamkarlkingofducks/imgur)

#9. I will be with you, through thick and through thin. (animalplanet)

#10. You do not have to be of the same species to love each other. (AnonAnonAnonAnonAnOOOOOOOn/imgur)

#11. Every time I hug you, you complete me, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

#12. They say material things and money can buy you happiness. We say it is only the family that gives you true happiness. Limitlessly. (animalplanet)

#13. I just cannot resist kissing you.

#14. Be mine forever!

#15. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the happiest kid in the world?

#16. Would you stop over thinking and let me kiss you? All I say is that I love you. So much. (Emoposer/reddit)

#17. Once you have found your forever one, you’ve got to stick by them always!

#18. All I need to feel better is just one kiss from you baby!


#19. You are my sun, my moon, and my stars. No amount of kisses can show you how much I love you.

#20. I brought you a flower. Before I give this to you, let me tell you that you put this flower in to shame with your beauty!

#21. My love for you is infinite.

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