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Hens are usually not among the top 10 animals loved the most by humans.  Usually it’s the cats. Or dogs. In fact, we hardly think of hens as pets. Perhaps, some of us may love chickens as pets, but, such instances are rare. However, it turns out that hens are incredible softies. They actually are the best moms in the world; they take care of not only their own babies but also of other babies.

We have compiled a collection of pictures that will make you realize that hens are the very best at parenting. Their maternal instincts are such that they shower their babies with love and compassion. These hen mommies do not think twice before taking the babies into their warmth. And the best thing is that they do not care whose babies they are taking care of! For them, it does not matter whether they are her own babies or the neighboring cat’s babies! The very fact that they do not care for the species when it comes to babies and parenting proves that they are the best moms in all of the animal kingdom!

 Check these photos out to see how caring and loving the hen moms are!

#1. The hen mama warming the puppy baby.

#2. This is a picture of a hen mommy taking care of kittens during a stormy day. (wine-weed-wednesday)  

#3. We do not think this hen mommy knows that they are not her babies.

#4. Mother hen with her two pigeon babies.

#5.  Hilda the hen hatches a clutch of ducklings after sitting on the wrong nest and now they are her babies. This is the hen and the five cute ducklings! (Bnps)

#6. My cat had kittens in the chicken coup. When she is away, a nesting hen babysits the kitty babies. She has been a great help for the kitty mommy. (YardEggs)

#7. Piglet and mother hen.

#8. Gertrud the chicken adopted the American Rhea chicks. And now they are a happy family. (EPA/ UWE ANSPACH)

#9. Hen and her adopted baby puppies.

#10. Yet another momma hen taking care of some kitty babies.

#11. Well, I think Hens Have a real big connection with little kittens.

Ps: Images credits goes to all the rightful photographers. We couldn’t find some original owners to mention here. So for any means necessary please contact us.

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