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Succulents are plants that are adapted to storing water in their fleshy leaves or stems. Mother Nature has gifted us with many succulents which are in various forms such as the “watch chain” (Crassula lycopiodes), Green Goddess, String of Pearls, Lilac Mist Sedeveria.

Out of these numerous types of succulents, rose succulents are told to be the prettiest and the most surreal-looking. Born on the Canary Island, these plants have thick leaves which are arranged to form a rose. Unlike the regular rose, these extra-ordinary roses do not wither in a short period of time. Increasingly, people are choosing rose succulents over regular roses and there are many reasons why you should too.

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Apart from being so unbelievably pretty (would you look at these pictures!), they require very little care compared to the nurturing of other plants. You have to water them only when the topsoil is dry; in winter you can reduce the number of times you water the succulent and in summer you can take them out. (Make sure that you do not place them in the direct sunlight since the fleshy leaves tend to get fried in the sunlight.) If not, you can keep them even on your bed table as they are so remarkably tiny. Once fully mature, the rose succulent is only 6 inches high.

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Provided that they are really small, it does not look like a bad idea to have an entire garden of them, does it? An indoor rose succulent garden is very easy to maintain. Even with your tight schedule, you will be able to take care of these pretty roses with almost no effort. An indoor succulent garden does not require bright sunlight so you can have the garden in your bedroom, or even in your office.

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All you need is a few little pots in which you can plant the seeds. Thanks to the internet, you can find rose succulent seeds easily. Once you get the seeds, you just have to make sure that you provide them with a healthy soil mix. Since they are drought-tolerant, it does not matter even if you forget to water them for a few days.

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Rose succulents make very good gifts as well. Planted in a cute pot, they are the perfect rose that your loved ones deserve. What is better than a fairy tale rose to express your love?

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