By. Anuradha

You would have come across several situations where you have been let down by the person you loved and believed in. All the promises, dreams and hopes that you had, would have shattered into pieces making you feel empty and miserable. At such times, you would have always felt it is so much better to be alone than being with someone who doesn’t deserve you. Being single is a blessing in disguise. When you are single, you would learn to love yourself, treat yourself in the way you like and you would understand what you truly want from life. That is why I say, it is always better to stay single than settling for someone’s bullshit.

Some so many people are afraid to be alone. They will simply be with a person just because they fear the solitude and thus, make their whole life a living misery.

But, I truly am terrified of spending the rest of my life with a person who pressurizes me and drives me crazy. I don’t want my heart to be broken into pieces again and again. No, I have had enough! I will always select myself before anyone or anything. I am happy being single and I think that is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I won’t let anyone to manipulate me and to play games with my life. I am not someone that deserves to be treated like a trash can and yeah, I know my worth. I don’t need to share my energy with someone who will always make me feel bad about life. So, yes I am happy to be single and I won’t ever settle for anyone’s bullshit.

I will open up only for that person who truly deserves me. That one will know my worth and I am waiting till he comes and make me feel better. If not, I am already happy with the way things are and I know I will always be happy like this!


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