By: Anuradha

1. She believes that everything has a purpose.

She believes in the power of the universe and she always believes the fact that everything happens for a reason. She will accept the idea that you have come to her life for a reason and no matter whether you give her scattered memories or happy laughter, she will believe that everything happened for a certain reason.

2. She is authentic.

She will hardly pretend in front of you as she is well aware of the fact that reality is worthier than pretensions. She will love her flaws and never hide those little things from you. She will speak directly and will always be open to her feelings.

3. She loves life and everyone.

She is filled with love and your family, your pets and everything that you adore will be admired by her as well. Her compassion does not have any limits and you will be amazed by her intensity of loving.

4. She is forever learning and growing.

She knows that she is not perfect and therefore, she will always try to make herself perfect. When you point out some of her flaws, she will be willing to accept it and she will be really humble about her mistakes and follies.

5. She embraces the unknown.

Most people are afraid of unknown and never moves up to take challenges. Yet, the courageous soul within her will never permit her to stay inside her little box and you will see her taking risks to discover the hidden things which are not known to her.

6. She has unwavering faith.

She always tries to make the best out bad things and as she believes that the universe is on her side, she will do everything to make things right. She will be a reckless fighter and a worrier in her own means and ways.  

7. She is not materialistic.

She will not die for little gifts or show off parties and she will value your companionship and your good heart over anything. She will enjoy being with you and all the money in the world will not change her feelings for you.

8. She has compassion for every living thing.

Her heart would melt with a sight of a homeless puppy or nasty looking beggar and sometimes you might even be irritated about her extreme nature of helping for the needy. 

9. She is one with nature.

She would rather like to have a date in a lonely greenery forest rather than being in a five-star hotel and you will notice that she is too much drawn to nature.

10. She aspires to be at peace.

She doesn’t tolerate drama in her life and most of the times she sees good in everything. She dislikes those fierce arguments and you will see her moving away when you are at the edge of moving out of your limits.

It will not be easy to find a spiritual girl, but if you do trust me, you are the luckiest person on earth! 

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