By: Anuradha

Empaths are there everywhere. In fact, even you who are reading this now can be an Empath. It is both a curse and a blessing to be an Empath. But the best thing about being an empath is that, once you realize who you are, you can protect yourself from the negative energies that drain you and you can use your peculiarities to help others and empower yourself. so, let’s have a look at the strange behaviors of these people.

1. You take on other people’s energy.

One of the most prominent features of being an empath is that whether you like it or not, you are affected by other people’s energy. You are affected by both the negative and positive energies and therefore, even without a proper reason, you will feel bad sometimes. There can be times that you feel so angry when there is a person who is with such vibes be there around you.

2. High natural intuition.

Empaths have the ability to feel others. They can feel what exactly the people around them feel and therefore, even when someone is lying or trying to be deceitful, you will naturally know their true instincts. Your intuition will never shut down.

3. People drain you easily.

Empaths absorb other people’s energy and it can be one of the biggest stressors for them. when they are surrounded by negative people, they will feel so down and pessimistic. This is not really a good thing because, at the end of the day, they will feel so down and empty. So, the best thing that they should do is that, when they feel so down, they should take some time for themselves and relax. They should be mindful as to spend the time only with the people who spread positive vibes and when they happened to be with negative people, it is always better to move out and breathe freely.

4. You attract broken people.

Empaths are the sort of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves just to perfect someone else’s day complete. Broken and retarded people always feel this and therefore, they approach empaths to take help for them. this is really good and people will call you as a good human, but be mindful of your own self if you belong to this category. You must keep in mind that you should care about you rather than anyone else.

5. Crowds have a negative impact on you.

Crowds have a big impact on empaths because they are getting affected by each and every one’s energy. Events, cities or even crowded rooms can make you feel so drained and empty.

6. Living location is important.

As these people are getting affected by most of the things around them, they tend to spend time in places where there are fewer people and less mental disturbances. They love to spend time in places where there are more trees and less artificial things. These lonely places help them to recharge their energies.

7. You are very sensitive.

Yeah, this is an obvious fact about empaths. They are so much sensitive to the circumstances happening around them so that sometimes they might even get physical symptoms as a result of what others are experiencing.

8. You can often see through lies.

It is not easy to cheat these people because they know and feel what is there in the mind of the other one. Sometimes a person who lies will be happy thinking, the empath believed him. But the truth is that even if empath pretends to believe others all the time, they know what exactly is there on the other person’s mind and therefore, it is not easy to deceive them.

9. Emotional healing is the gift.

Empaths are gifted with the ability to heal others and that is the reason why many negative, depressed people are getting attracted to them. empaths should keep in their mind that everyone does not deserve their attention and they should use this ability over the people who really deserve it. understanding their worth and using it wisely will really be a gift for them.

10. Empaths ignore their own problems.

Empaths are too much focus on other people so that they easily forget themselves. They know how exactly to help others but not themselves. So, it is always good if empaths can focus on themselves as well and use their talents wisely.

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