By. Ran

Maybe we have to experience pain before experiencing happiness. Maybe we have to get our heartbroken before being whole.

Painful love is the most difficult. It breaks our heart on to a million tiny pieces. We give our everything to a person only to learn that they are not willing to meet us halfway.  We all make mistakes. We choose people who are not right for us and desperately try to make them right, ignoring all the odds. Why? Probably because our souls are not ready for the real thing just yet. Because we still have to learn a lot.  Because it is through the most painful experience that we learn the most valuable lessons.

Maybe there is no such thing as a mistake. How could it be a mistake if it taught us a lesson and prepare us for the future? Even though we did not want that love to end, perhaps it was destined to be in order to make us ready for the pending love.

What we mean by a mistake here is a toxic relationship that is harmful to our soul. But, for some reason, we thought it was the right person and tried to hold on to that relationship. No matter how many times we try to go back and make things work, they never do.

Because it was not meant to be. Ever.

That relationship was destined to end. Its purpose was to shake us to the very core and to make us transform ourselves. And our lives.

Healing does not happen overnight. The process of healing takes time.  It comes from hard work at our own selves. It is the ability to still love someone and to walk away from them with the head held high because we know that they do not deserve us. 

More importantly, it should be never forgotten that the love our life is just around the corner. And when we meet the love of our life, it will be calm. And serine. There will be no question, no sleepless nights, not even occasional drama. It will be like finding the long lost soul partner.  It will make you see why every previous relationship failed. Why any of them never worked out.

And it will raise you to greatness. Because that is what true love does to people.

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