How often do we encounter something so shocking that we can’t even begin to describe it? Myla Aguila has just come across one of the rare occasions. The event that rendered her speechless also involves a child, a pair of shoes, and a duck.

Image Credit & More Info; Myla Aguila/facebook

This ain’t no ordinary duck

While strolling along the sidewalk outside her house, Myla Aguila was inattentive to her surroundings until she observed something. As it descended the hill, a large white duck did everything it could to retrieve a boy’s slipper. Thank goodness Myla had her phone on hand; she recorded the whole thing on an endearingly humorous video.

This duck is on a mission.

And it’s no ordinary mission.

You could be astounded as much as Aguila was when she posted a video of the shocking occurrence on Facebook and recounted her experience.

This duck is on a mission impossible.

What a fearless duck.

Aguila passed a little town close to her house and noticed a boy perched on a little hilltop road. A little setback occurred when one of his flip-flops tumbled down the hill. The peculiar aspect about the video, though, is that someone chose to assist the youngster. It was a duck, it turned out, who saved the youngster.

Look at how the duck passes the slipper before he himself gets out of the cliff.

In the video, which is somewhat out of the ordinary, the bird takes the boy’s slipper and flies up the hill to reach him. It attempts and fails at first, but eventually succeeds in completing the task.

Tom Cruise doesn’t stand a chance with this little fella.

The child could have gotten his own slipper, at least according to the footage. The duck was hell-bent on completing the random act of kindness.

Despite appearances, it was far from simple. The slope may have been little, but it was still too big for the duck’s little feet to handle. Still, it lingered. The duck appeared to have complete command of the situation during the entire film. And that may be the case.

And mission completed.

Myla with the action star.

Scientists have shown that even tiny ducklings can think about things that most people identify with superintelligent creatures like monkeys. In some areas of abstract reasoning, for instance, ducks actually beat so-called “smarter” animal species.

The video has received so many views since its uploaded and the count is rising. It has also received over six thousand likes, nine thousand comments, and approximately nine thousand shares.

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